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Elaine J. Morgan for Senate
P.O. Box 841
Ashaway,  RI  02804


Donation checks can be made to Elaine for Senate.

I want RI to rank in the top 5 business friendly states. Rhode Island is currently ranked # 49th in the nation for having a business friendly environment.
I will change that by working with the my district and fellow legislator’s to help the average Jane and Joe startup, manage and maintain a business.  I will devote my time personally to see these establishment succeed in our wonderful state.  I know what it takes to develop a business friendly environment on the legislative end and will implement it to the best of my ability.

Together we can take back our State!

Together we can take back our State!


I need your help and support.


Please help by donating your valuable time to our cause.


Ways you can help:
1) Walk with me and help spread my message and yours to your neighborhood.
2)By donating monetarily to help fund advertising and promotional cost.
3)Volunteer some time on and before Election Day, to help monitor polling places or make phone calls